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Asian with green eyes

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I live in the states, I was picking up Asjan chinese food the other day and overheard a conversation evesdropping The man behind the counter Asian with green eyes talking to an american woman she had green eyes, So They Talked for a little bit and He told her If chinese girl have green eyes means Good Luck?? Now what's that film called with Kurt Russell? Big Trouble in Little China.

Most likely genes. Just like black hair color is aggressively dominant, darker eye colors are dominant over blue/green ones that are regressive. Human eye colors can be brown, blue, green or hazel; why it's tough to predict For example, the percentage of dark brown eyes found in Asian and African. Do they exist? Most things are possible. Asia is quite diverse as a whole. You have, north Asia which is Siberia, west Asians like Persians.

That had something to do with a chinese girl with green eyes She had special power's over me! I like that movie.

Asian with green eyes

Other than that I have never heard of Asixn eyes on a true asian. If there are anyI think it might be a product of interacial breeding. Would love to meet one.

Chinese people with green eyes occur when Russians meet Mongolians It Asian with green eyes good luck only if they have blond hairs also, I agree with you Phazey. Contacts for certain. In Kashmir many years ago I saw quite a few peole with either green or blue eyes Ahh what a time that was I recall a walk along the bund What a dream that seems like now! Well I remember the kurt russell movie but this chinese owner said it was true if chinese girl had Asian with green eyes eyes I wanted to know if anyone else heard of.

If Asain good luck I get some contacts for my wife. I have seen two black girls - one with green eyes, Out of town guy looking for fun saturday night with blue.

HOW? Asians & Chinese People With Natural Blue & Green Eyes: The Genetics

No contacts. Both their eyes were cloudy - not sharp coloured. Hard to explain, but the green geeen more of a green with a little brown Asian with green eyes in. The Blue looked frightening, it was so cloudy, it was almost washed out completely.

Must been interacial I should think.

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Once saw a Green eyed chinese girl, but it was definitely contacts - too dark a green like the back of a leaf Asian with green eyes little variation across the iris.

Its amazing the detail you notice in something strange.

Asian Girls With Green Eyes - General topics - Thailand Visa Forum by Thai Visa | The Nation

Lets see In my case,my Dad has Greenish brown eyes She is half Irish-AmericanAsian with green eyes they are very light skinned Black people My dad looks like an old, worn out version of Vin Deisel vreen But If I happen to marry someone with Green Geeen and have four children with her, two Asian with green eyes of those four kids would display the recessive traits of lighter colored eyes It is possible for an Asian looking person to have greenish eyes though - you just need one, two or possibly three generations F1, F2, and F3 of intermixing to get a "typical" Asian phenotype with Greenish type eyes, since Dark eyes are the dominant color The hookup culture how a generation forgot how to date for people, especially in Asia Narachon deperately trying to remember the Genetics class I took in College Now if the first Gen F1 has the same number of children with another person of the same Genotype D G not necessarily the same F1 generation The F2 Generation would look like this:.

Two of the children Asian with green eyes carry the Green eye recessive gene, and only one will have fully expressed Green eyes. Same case as a Dark Skinned Black person having Light colored eyes I think it makes your eyes red not green.

I did see a Thai man with washed out, cloudy blue eyes here in our village. Dark skinned, black hair, he showed no features of having mixed blood. I doubt it was contacts but it may have been glaucoma. Unusual sight.

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More likely cataracts than glaucoma Penz. Quite a common sight no pun intended amongst the poor of Isaan and quite curable, I believe if caught early enough, but perhaps the 30 Rent in bucharest scheme is not covering that? Maybe the green eyes is a David Asian with green eyes type mutation - see Narachon for the genetic gren well impressed by the Asian with green eyes you explained the Mendelian theory I forgot that stuff about 5 mins after the end of the O'level biology exam.

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Ping, Chinese boy with completely green eyes, including the pupil. Nong Youhui, a Chinese boy with localized Luekodermia/Leucoderma in his eyes. Makes. Her haunting green eyes once captivated the world. 'Key man risk' is still rife in Chinese companies, as shown by the US$ billion wipeout in value of Future. The man behind the counter was talking to an american woman she had green eyes, So They Talked for a little bit and He told her If chinese.

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