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L'hydrochlorothiazide est un sulfamide.

Surveillance clinique et biologique. Majoration de l'effet hypotenseur.

Affections psychiatriques. Affections oculaires.

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Troubles visuels. Affections cardiaques.

Affections vasculaires. Hypotension orthostatique. Affections gastro-intestinales.

Inconfort abdominal, constipation. Spasmes musculaires.

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Diuretics are pharmacological agents Les diuretiques classification increase natriuresis through inhibition of tubular re-absorption of sodium. The mechanisms and site of this inhibition differ with each drug class, accounting for their additive effects on natriuresis increase and their hydroelectrolytic side effects.

Les diuretiques classification response to a given diuretic dose depends on the diuretic concentration on the urine at its action site. This concentration may be decreased by pharmacokinetic factors such as encountered in renal insufficiency or in nephrotic syndrome.

These resistance mechanisms of diuretics may be corrected by dose increase, previous diuretic fixation on albumin or Les diuretiques classification administration.

Once these mechanisms are opposed, the diuretic concentration for maximal efficacy is reached at is action site and the natriuresis obtained as the normal maximal plateau.

This is not the case when an oedematous systemic disease with effective hypovolemia is present, Les diuretiques classification in heart failure or cirrhosis, or when chronic use of loop diuretics has Wife sucks huge cock a hypertrophy of the more distant part of the tubule.

In theses cases, a pharmacodynamic resistance exists, resulting in a lower maximal natriuresis plateau in spite of adequate concentration of the diuretic at its action site, even in the absence of pharmacokinetic resistance factors. The main Les diuretiques classification of diuretics are systemic oedematous disease and hypertension.

In the oedematous diseases, diuretics indication is both straightforward and sufficient only if effective hypervolemia is present. The therapeutic approach is discussed according to the various clinical conditions and pathophysiological background. In uncomplicated hypertension, diuretics are Classlfication cornerstone of the therapy.

The most suitable diuretic treatment Les diuretiques classification hypertension is an association of low doses thiazide Rare indications of diuretics are also reviewed.

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